The Effect of Catalyst an the Rate Of Reaction Essay

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The Effect of Catalyst an the Rate Of Reaction

Chemistry Coursework

Does The Number of Drops of Catalyst Effect The Rate Of Reaction

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We are studying the reaction between zinc and sulphuric acid, the reaction is catalysed by copper sulphate and this experiment is to test whether the amount of drops effect the rate of reaction.

Word Equation

Zinc(s) + Sulphuric acid(aq) à Hydrogen(g) + Zinc Sulphate(aq)

Symbol Equation

Zn + H2SO4 à H + ZnSO4

This reaction is catalysed by Copper sulphate (CuSO4)

Ionic Equation - Cancel Spectator ion (SO42-)

Zn + 2H+ à Zn2+ + H2

For this reaction to work there must be hard collisions between
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Then the time was taken for the reaction to produce 20 cm3 of hydrogen. The reaction was then repeated with different drops of copper sulphate.

Variables and Things that are kept constant

The variables are the number of drops of the catalyst, Copper
Sulphate1 Drop,

2 Drops,
5 Drops,
7 Drops,
10 Drops and
15 Drops.

The things that are kept constant are the amount of zinc, the number of solution and the strength of the acid, mixing the distilled water and the 2M acids carefully to make 1M acids.

This is a fair test because the only thing that is changed is the drop of the copper sulphate and that is what was measuring. We will be repeating the experiment to get a better average.

The only thing that can make his test unfair is the pressure and the temperature, if we wanted to be more accurate we would put the reaction in a bath to keep the temperature constant as water heats up a lot slower than air so during the time it takes to do the experiment the heat will remain the same.

Names and Quantities of the Solutions Used

I will use 50cm3 1M Sulphuric Acid, H2SO4.To get 1M acid solution you add 25cm3 of Distilled water and of sulphuric acid in either measuring cylinders or a graduated flask, which is more accurate.

I will use Copper Sulphate, CUSO4 as the catalyst. I will use the following amounts of catalyst:

1 Drop,
2 Drops,
5 Drops,
7 Drops,
10 Drops and
15 Drops.
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