The Effect of College Athletics on Academics

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College is a time for young people to develop and grow not only in their education, but social aspects as well. One of the biggest social scenes found around college campuses are athletic events, but where would these college sports be without their dedicated athletes? Student athletes get a lot of praise for their achievements on the field, but tend to disregard the work they accomplish in the classroom. Living in a college environment as a student athlete has a great deal of advantages as well as disadvantages that affect education and anti-intellectualism.
Around the country, college athletic programs are pushing their athletes more and more every day. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is an association set up to
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In the reality of being a college athlete, “student” in most cases does not come first in terms of priorities.
Although rules and regulations are set up by the NCAA, colleges find ways around the rules in order to bring in money. After all, college athletics center on making profit from their athletes. With such a brutal athletic schedule, it makes staying on track academically a challenge for most athletes especially in college.
Academic Grades
Multiple studies have shown that college athletes do not perform as well in the classroom as their nonathletic peers. For example, according to Michael Maloney in the article An Examination of the Role that Intercollegiate Athletic Participation Plays in Academic Achievement, he states that “SAT scores of athletes are, on average, 150 points below non- athletes. Similarly, athletes come to college with inferior high school preparation in academics. Their high school rank is 20 percentage points below nonathletes.”
Education isn’t a priority for college athletes as it should be which therefor leads to anti-intellectualism in more ways than one. The requirements for athletes to get into college should be the same as non athletes, but we tend to make “exceptions” if the talent is good enough. ”Most
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