The Effect of Counselling on Marital Stability

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THE EFFECT OF COUNSELLING ON MARITAL STABILITY AMONG MARRIED COUPLE IN ABEOKUTA SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT, OGUN STATE. LIADI OLANREWAJU LUKE MATRIC NO: E011718 DEPARTMENT OF GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN, IBADAN CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION Counselling is the assistant given to the married couples and the intending couples in order for them to have marital stability. These enabling the couple to enjoy marital satisfaction in their married life. Hence, marital will enable the couple to raise their own family and upbringing their own children in love and in unity. The marriage counsellors and therapist can utilize marriage counselling technique in helping the couples to resolve their marital conflicts…show more content…
1.1 Background to the study Marriage represents all the behaviours, norms, roles, expectations and values that are associated with the legal union of man and woman. It is an institution in the society in which a man and a woman are joined together in holy matrimony. So, the fulfilment in marriage is brought by love, when couples cleave together in love. (carlo Garreto 1976). Therefore, this research will highlight importance of counselling on the married couple in having a stable marriage. Although, many married couple have experienced marital instability resulting from a number of factors, notably, economic, personality, psychological and socio –cultural. Despite the fact that the attitude either married women or men could be negative or positive depending on their individual circumstance. Most homes nowadays experience instability in one way or the other. Counselling has played a serious role as it influences the couples output to life including their educational status and social well-being. But if the couples are not helped, it could retard their progress at work, and also hinders them from imbibing the right attitude to life. Conversely, stability in marriage is very crucial in bringing about commitment on the husband and wife in particular in caring for their children’s upbringing and discipline. Then, for the married couple to be happy in their marriage, it is of necessity to correct some of their
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