The Effect of Different Soil Types on Plant Growth

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The Effect of different soil types on plant growth

Australian Gardeners are continually looking for better and cheaper options to improve the growth in their gardens. In Chinchilla, it is common to see rich vibrant coloured loam, but this is not suited to all plants. Common gardeners will find that it is important to understand what soil type they are on and how the climate conditions that surround the area may affect the growth of the plants they wish to establish, which contributes to their decisions as to which plants to grow. Gardeners of today need to be made aware and have a proper understanding of how having different soil types can affect plant growth in different ways. This is why a good understanding of the
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If the plant is not suited to well-drained soil its roots may quickly dry out or become deprived of certain water soluble minerals and nutrients that are often found only in more permeable soils that contain water better such as phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur. As well as trace elements like Iron, Copper and Zinc.
An overall ideal gardening or farming soil structure would have good drainage and aeration for oxidisation but also availability to a good water source, be pH balanced and have low salinity in the soil, have highly nutritional soil that had a soft gradual top surface.

Materials * 8 pots (12cm x 12cm) * 8 tomato seedlings * Potting mix (enough to half fill the pot) * Red Loam (enough to half fill the pot) * Black Soil (enough to half fill the pot) * Sand (enough to half fill the pot) * Gravel (enough to fill each pot 3cm deep) * Measuring cup * Water * Ruler

Method: 1. The pots were filled up with an inch of gravel. 2. The potting mix was then placed in two of the pots up to ¾ of the way to the top. This process was then repeated with each of the soil types with the remainder of the pots. 3. The plants were then placed in the pots at the required depth. 4. Each plant was watered with 250ml of water. 5. Each plant
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