The Effect of Education on the Development of Different Countries

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The effect of education on the development of different countries As the increasing demand for skilled workers, more attention has been paid to education. Education has been developing follow the step of humanity which affects knowledge, skills and attitude from one generation to the other (Compayre and Payne,1899) and interacts on the progress of civilization. The impact of the rapid growth of education is felt at institutional, national and international levels, and these are inter-related. This essay will examine how education influences economic growth, social advancement and environmental improvement. Education plays an essential role in economic growth in less-developed countries. On one hand, Bloom, Canning and Chan claimes…show more content…
However, since Singapore separated from Malaysia (Gopinathan, 2008), the government took a large amount of measures on education which greatly increased the enthusiasm of skilled workers and productivity. Science and technology became the key elements that dictated a country’s level of competitiveness the overriding priority (Gopinathan, 2008). Education gradually became important in economic growth. Over the past 40 years, Singapore has perfectly transformed from a country similar to developing countries to a level of developed countries of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Gopinathan, 2008). Aside from economy, education also benefits the society, which influences the development of a country substantially. In less-development countries, the most outstanding issue is poverty, inherited largely with time. Brown (2008) points out that an enormous amount of people living in poverty is the children of those living in poverty in the past. To improve this, policy towards universal education, especially for girls, has been conducted to solve the problem, such as culture of poverty in these undeveloped countries (Brown, 2008). As we all know, Africa is the poorest area of the world,(LDCs,2010)needing to break away from poverty. According to Lutz (2008),more sustainable development in Africa has been
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