Essay about The Effect of Electronics on Communication

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The Effect of Electronics on Communication

Electronics has played a major part in communication and the developments of it. The first ways of communication not by just talking were the uses of cans and a piece of string. This worked by the vibrations of the voice vibrating down the string and into the other person’s can. The next major development was the invention of telephones. The first telephones were large and ugly with large numbers and were difficult to hear, and the switchboards were done manually by women and children. The next part of communication was the internet. This was first brought into use by the armies who wanted to move data from one computer to the other without the use of
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These are made really to replace all electronic entertainment items in the household. It is meant to replace TV, computer, games console, music system and DVD player. These are being run under an operating system called Windows XP Media Centre Edition, another Microsoft product. These could take off as they could help having all the different pieces of equipment removed and replaced with the one piece. A lot of people would need convincing that they need to make the change as a piece of equipment designed to do everything is not necessarily going to be as good as a dedicated games console for example.

I think that in the future the developments that will happen will be that most things become electronic, such as always having to have a card with a barcode on containing your details so that you are always kept tabs on. If this goes ahead it will not be welcomed by many as many people think that the government have too much information about them already, and are worried in case the government computers were compromised by a hacker, meaning he could have access to all their personal details. Another development that will be coming into play will be hotspots or a place to connect wirelessly to the internet for free. Companies will be creating hotspots in places such as airports and there will then be a small charge for using the facility.

Some of
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