The Effect of Family Environment on the Society

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Effect of family environment
A family environment refers to the surroundings of a group of people affiliated by co-residence, consanguinity or affinity. A family environment affects a child's development and growth, in addition to other genetic factors, inherited from the parents, which could still be modified by the family environment. It is necessary to note that parents have the biggest responsibility of shaping the lives of their children by example, demonstrated by the choices they make following the challenges they face in life(Tecklin, 2008). This paper will discuss the effect of the environment on families from a negative perspective, effect of the environment on families and its effect on family function versus dysfunction while focusing on the physical settings of the surrounding, effects of support systems and types of relationships with various systems in the community and finally address associations and transactions of the family with the neighborhood from the negative and positive perspectives.
Opening statement
Effect of environment on families from a negative perspective
The debate on the effect of the environment on families is based on the relative importance of an individual's personal experiences versus inherent qualities. The family environment also contributes to a given percentage the development and growth of an individual. The substantial negative effect of the family environment, is brought by the recent advancements
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