The Effect of Globalization on Fashion with Special Reference to the Impact of Japanese Designs on the European Scene

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ct Analyse the effect of ‘Globalization’ on fashion with special reference to the impact of
Japanese designs on the European scene.

The definition of globalisation is quite complex and extremely controversial. However globalization with reference to the fashion industry helps defines the development of what has been termed as „world fashion‟. Preferred garments of young people is quite often the same. A phenomenon made possible by the exploitative mechanisms of globalization. The globalization of clothing manufacture, distribution, retailing online, and the global commodity advertising of both designer and high street brands, has impacted significantly on fashion and the way the industry operates. Alternatively the progress of the fashion
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A number of Japanese fashion brands are beginning to rival the popularity of
American and European brands, as a result of unique trends and cutting edge style.

It is the talent for producing such cutting edge and uniquely styled fashion of the Japanese designers that provided the inspiration for the „cute‟ Riot Grrrl style in Britain during the
1990‟s. In an article by writer Sharon Kinsella (1997) titled „The Japanization of European youth‟ Kinsella recognises that childlike elements from the Japanese designers began to emerge in the fashion‟s of the 1990‟s amongst the European consumers, as “they began to wear „cute‟ baby doll dresses or old fashioned frilly frocks with Dr Martins”. The „Riot Grrrl‟ style also known as the grunge trend of the 1990‟s formed in Britain was directly and indirectly influenced by the Japanese „cute‟ culture, first created by Japanese designers in the
1980‟s, which saw the Kawaii style of adorable, innocent, simple, gentle, and child-like fashion dominate the Japanese popular culture of it‟s time. This is a strong example of how globalization has allowed the designers of today to combine different elements of design, and trends from different cultures globally, to produce new designs and trends that are more of a cutting edge style and uniqueness. “Japanese brands also made their presence felt in the highend market, attempting to combine
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