The Effect of Globalization on Japan

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I will analyze the effects of globalization on Japan’s culture, worldview, population, environment, and environment. I will consider both the direct and indirect effects of globalization on Japan’s native and foreign inhabitants. My analysis will not be restricted to any specific geographic region of Japan; I will highlight issues that have widespread implications across Japan’s myriad prefectures.

By merging two datasets from 2000, Cole, Elliot, and Shimamoto measured fourteen indicators of a company’s environmental management and investigated how companies’ characteristics along with external factors influenced the effectiveness of environmental management systems. Altogether, the indicators showed a positive correlation between Cole’s, Elliot’s, and Shimamoto’s measures of globalization and environmental management. Notably, firms that undertake foreign direct investment are more likely to have more stringent standards of environmental management.

The effects of globalization on Japan are apparent to me from Japanese firms’ policies on environmental management; global pressures are forcing Japanese firms to become more environmentally conscious and responsible.

Kubota and McKay investigated the role of English in Hasu, a small Japanese community with non-English-speaking immigrants from Brazil, China, Peru, Korea, Thailand, and other countries, by evaluating the results of a community survey on diversity and interviewing five Japanese individuals. They
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