The Effect of Hollywood on Youth

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The Effect of Hollywood on Youth “We have got to quit fooling around with this. I know this stuff sells, but that doesn’t make it right” (Clinton). Bill Clinton is right about this. Some movies have so much action in them that kids are becoming violent because they have watched too many bad movies. Some parents are even letting their little kids watch rated R movies, when they are supposed to be seventeen to watch them, even though they can teach you to do good things. Hollywood movies teach youth to do bad things because, some movies are teaching youth that it’s ok to smoke or drink, because Hollywood movies are setting a bad example. The movies that give kids bad examples are the ones that we need to get rid of. If we don’t get rid of…show more content…
You could easily go to a movie and pay a hundred dollars every time you go. I don’t think that parents should let their kids watch PG-13 movies unless they are at least 13. Some of the movies are PG-13 because of the sexual content, violence, and language that are in them. If younger children are going to watch PG-13 movies they need to have a couple adults with them and they should make them close their eyes on bad parts. I think that if they do that the world would be a better place for children to live in. “The film industry has always been incredibly effective at influencing people at many levels and in many ways.” (Brandon Michael Davis, Does Hollywood have a Negative Impact on the World). I don’t know how many people are or will be influenced by movies, but it’s almost guaranteed that everyone will be at least a little influenced by the movie they watch. If they don’t get influenced I would be surprised. I think the more you think about it the more you begin to think it’s true. If the children’s parents teach them that this stuff is bad it will help. Hollywood can easily attack people with influence. Sometimes they can make you feel like you have to be skinny. You can usually tell when someone is effected by a movie they kind of act crazy or sometimes even weird. I think that if you are affected by a movie you might need to talk to someone about it. Not only do movies effect people, the actors/actresses can have an influence on people also. Some children

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