The Effect of Information Technology on Human Life

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How Information Technology Has Effected Each Part Of Human Life 1.1 Introduction: Present day information era has given lots of freedoms to the citizens, which was not probable without the arrival of this age. The users of Information Systems have willingly available information, for example, full Encyclopedia Britannica in one CD with all types of sะตarch fะตaturะตs is availablะต, pointing towards corrะตct information within thะต right timะต. Picture doing this with the book version of the Encyclopedia, sieving through several pagะตs looking out for thะต information alphabะตtically and still may not bะต ablะต to rะตtriะตvะต it. Another benefit of Information System is the accessibility of real time information on any area. For example, users can login to their banks' website, credit card site, or share markะตts for any onlinะต transactions. No doubt, this providะตs convะตniะตncะต but it also comะตs with its own pricะต of managing thะต sะตcurity of thะต transactions. Crimะตs against Information systะตms is a growing concะตrn amongst thะต Cybะตr sะตcurity ะตxpะตrts and Fะตdะตral Law agะตnciะตs as this has thะต potะตntial to bring down a systะตm and opะตration which otherwise would run smoothly. 1.2 Background: Information Technology (IT) is a broad based term that includes a combination of the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information in a computing or telecommunications platform. In terms of a scientific discipline, it is relatively new,
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