The Effect of Legalizing Prostitution on the Economy

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The Effect of Legalizing Prostitution on the Economy

Our Nation has been under immense fire lately. This is mainly because Americas Government is over a trillion dollars in debt. We are in one of the worst recessions that America has ever been and in danger of creating a double dip recession. Jobs are nowhere in sight. People continue to get laid off and even worse people who have been laid off are losing their unemployment benefit. The unemployment rate is through the roof and nobody can find a job to support their families. Because of this banks are failing, houses are being foreclosed on and the American Dream is becoming further and further out of reach of younger generations. So while the government is continuing to go into
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What we need to do is create jobs and create a more creative way to tax people to obtain the funds needed to pay down the national debt. Why is the national debt so important? Because everyday our dollar becomes worth less and less on the global market. And the more this keeps happening more the United States globally economy begins to be hindered instead of just nationally within its own borders. Legalizing prostitution is not something that is going to happen overnight and I’m not saying that it should be either. There are a lot of things that need to be ironed out. And legalizing prostitution does not make our country corrupt. We would no longer have to have people hanging out on a street corner in promiscuous outfits; it could become a tasteful business. Think of the crime that we could eliminate in areas such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. This could even help create a rebirth for Atlantic City which has slowly been going under since the recession began. Our ultimate goal as a country is to avoid a depression like that of 1929. We need to pull ourselves together and be the mega country in the global economy. We should create a new faith in people with their jobs, home, banks and overall government. We can’t have people questioning government tactics but rather stand as one and support every decision. And when people say that legalizing prostitution is not a good idea, because you know there are always going to be
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