The Effect of Longer School Days on Children

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Do you remember being in elementary school feeling sleepy, wishing you were back in kindergarten where you were allowed to take naps? Was your brain ever so tired that the only way you were able to stay awake was by daydreaming or talking to friends while the teacher was teaching? That is the case with many students in the United States. Not only does the current school schedule prove to be unproductive to students, but also adding longer hours to a school day can have more damaging effects than positive ones. In the 1970’s the school days used to be 5.5 hours with two recess breaks in the day and one extended lunch period where children were allowed to go home and eat. Now the school days are 6.5 hours with one recess break if the child is in elementary school, and a short lunch break. The public school system has been struggling for a while and the drop out rate has been increasing in a fast and steady speed. The solution to this problem, by the representatives of our city, is to add another two hours to the school day. This is not only happening in Chicago, but it is happening all across the country. If you look back at the 1970’s times where simpler, more family oriented, children were better behaved, and students did well academically. A small change like adding hours to a school day can do a lot of long lasting damage that can result in other areas of your life. An example is by having a long day at work. After a while of being at work employees get tired and they do

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