The Effect of Mass Media on Americans during the Vietnam War Essay

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The Effect of Mass Media on Americans during the Vietnam War When the war initially began, Dean Rusk, US Secretary of State, pointed out that: "This was the first struggle fought on television in everybody's living room every day... whether ordinary people can sustain a war effort under that kind of daily hammering is a very large question." The us administration, unlike most governments at war, made no official attempt to censure the reporting in the Vietnam war. Every night on the colour television people not only in America but across the planet saw pictures of dead and wounded marines. Television brought the brutality of war into the comfort of the living room. Vietnam was lost in…show more content…
It occurred on June 11, 1963, the monk sat down in the middle of a busy street and he was set alight as petrol was poured over him. The pictures of Thich Quang Duc were published throughout the world. The pictures caused immense controversy and gave the rest of humanity, especially the American people a glimpse of what was soon to occur. The Gulf Of Tonking was also a very important incidence in which a media played a very vital role. Even though the reasons why President Lyndon Johnson ordered the bombing of the four North Vietnamese torpedo boats bases and oil storage depot were extremely controversial. President Johnson used the Medias to express his views. The president appeared on television and told the American people that 'repeated acts of violence against armed forces of the united states must be met not only with alert defense but with a positive reply'. This was a very crucial point in the war in Vietnam and the Medias role. This was mainly because of the fact that this was the reason the war began. The president had the whole support of the media and in turn he had the whole support of the country. Three months after being elected president Lyndon Johnson launched 'operation rolling thunder'. Unlike the single bombing raid in august 1964 this time the raids were to
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