The Effect of Personality and Motivation on Sports Performance

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For this assignment I will explain the effect of personality and motivation on sports performance. Introduction Personality is the sum of a person’s individual characteristics that make him/her unique. (Adams et al, 2010) A person’s personality determines how they react in certain situations, their general mood and the consistency of it and their emotions. Personality can affect many aspects of sport right from the selection process because as well as raw talent, coaches need performers to have good mentality to be able to reach their required potential. Personality theories There are four main personality theories, these are the different ideas behind where individuals get there personalities from. I will explain three of…show more content…
If he receives a card for the offence more often, then he will be less likely to dive due to the punishment stopping him from playing and getting him into trouble with both his manager and the football association he is playing under. I agree with the social learning theory as it helps young athletes to learn important traits from older athletes such as their professionalism and sportsmanship both on and off the field. This could be in football when an injury has occurred but play is continuing so the opposing team kick the ball out of play for the injured player to receive treatment. On the other hand it can also cause young athletes to pick up bad habits from others. This could be a lack of sportsmanship such as fights in a game of football or swearing at the opposing team. This could cause young athletes to feel this is acceptable behaviour for an athlete. Situational theory Situational theory is when athletes base their actions depending on the environment and situation they are placed. This theory can suggest that if an athlete is in a pressured environment or situation it can sometimes cause a player to react in an irrational manner which can have a serious negative effect on their performance. This can also have a positive effect on some athletes who thrive under pressure and it can cause them to play to their highest level. Someone I feel suffered from this particular theory is Zinedine Zidane, A former French International
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