The Effect of Poverty on Children's Lives

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(Combat Poverty Agency, 2008, p3). Lack of money results in people not being able to adapt to the norm and socialise with others which has a huge effect how people are treated in their everyday life. This leads to isolation, shame and unacceptable living conditions which has a huge impact on the child’s life. (Combat Poverty Agency, 2008). However, poverty does not just effect adults it effects children too. This essay will draw on one of the most significant issues that effects children in Ireland today-child poverty.

The effect of poverty on children’s lives is huge. Recent studies from the central statistics office show ‘children remain the most vulnerable groups in society’ (CSO, 2008). Children who suffer from poverty lack in health, social and housing benefits which are all basic services and facilities in society. It also effects their psychological development. This results in behavioural problems and according to the Combat Poverty Agency 2008, children whose parents are unemployed are more likely to drop out of school early. This however is not the child’s choice but because children are dependent on others and enter poverty by virtue of their families’ economic circumstances they cannot help the situation they have found themselves to in. (Duncan & Gunn, 1997). Child poverty is a major problem in…
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