The Effect of Prison on Inmates Essay

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The Effect of Prison on Inmates

Prison has been around in human society for many millions of years. Having someone who disobeyed the law of that village, town, city or country punished in some form of institution, cutting them off from people, is a common concept – a popular and supposedly “needed” process society has taken to doing for many years now has been put under the spotlight many times by many different figures and people in society. The question remains – do prisons only make people worse? Many articles have been published in many journals and newspapers of the western world (mainly the USA, UK and Australia) saying prison only makes a person worse yet no complaint of the method has come from the less liberal eastern
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This man was a child who had had it rough, who had been into juvenile detention as an adolescent, yet when he was enlisted in the army as his punishment at sixteen, he regretted his actions. Yet, when, years later, he robbed and assaulted this ‘Mr.Pfister’ with two companions, the man [Roger Kiser Sr.] regretted his actions whilst in prison, becoming a more mature and better person when he left jail. This man had gone into prison as a hardened, ‘tough’ man, coming out a repented, better person. This example just goes to show not all who go into prison come out worse from before or in general. There are those few cases where prison is their ‘thinking’ place. Allowing the time spent to reflect on life and how one can become a better player in it, such as Roger Kiser Sr. The crime they committed also would traumatise them, showing how much of a heart and how really human they are. Prison can make many people worse people than they were before, but to some it can make them turn back to the ’path of good’.
Some prisoners could use the facilities and opportunities provided in prison to better themselves as people, even becoming the best type of person they ever would have been, which was the case of Jeri Becker (EXT.RESP: ART#2). There are those prisoners that repent
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