The Effect of Radiation in Inducing Mutation on the Growth of Zea Mays

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The Effect of Radiation in Inducing Mutation
On the Growth of Zea mays1

Milanie Joy S. Baradi
BIO 30 Section S-1L

October 10, 2011

____________________ 1A scientific paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Biology 30 laboratory under Professor Neilyn O. Villa, 1st semester, 2011-2012. ABSTRACT To determine the effects of gamma radiation in inducing mutation on the growth of corn (Zea mays), an experiment using corn seeds exposed in to different rate of radiation (0kr, 10 kr, 30 kr, and 50 kr) was done. Four treatments were prepared using 10 seeds from each of the following different radiation rates. The seeds were planted and were observed for seven weeks. The percent germination and
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Theoretically, the control should have the highest percent germination rate, but since errors which can be attributed from the environment as well as from other physical factors are present, results obtained cannot be avoided. The treatment with the highest irradiation rate (50 kr) has the lowest rate of seed germination. However, in Table 2, results indicated that treatment under the former has the highest percent mortality rate (100 %) while the lowest obtained by the control treatment (40%).
In Figure 1, results obtained showed that the treatment with highest average plant height was under Treatment 10 kr. The final average plant height under this treatment was 28.58 cm compared to the 25.98 cm of control, 20.87 of 30 kr and 6.04 of 50 kr. Again, theoretically, the control should have the highest average plant height but results showed otherwise.
Through the obtained data, it can be concluded that exposing seeds to radiation can induce mutation which in the end could affect the growth rate, germination rate as well as the mortality rate of the plant. Observations and data obtained showed that the rate of radiation is inversely proportional to the percent germination and height of corn plants thus proving that percent germination and height decreases as amount or
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