The Effect of Reality TV on Teenagers

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The Effects of Reality TV on Teenagers When the first reality TV shows hit television, it did not take long for them to become popular and became a huge part of everyday life. Reality TV can give an escape from daily life and allows us to see normal people like ourselves put into irregular situations whether it’s racing around the globe to win millions of dollars or being turned into a pop idol. Reality TV is the most viewed genre of today’s television programming for a reason. Even though it claims to be “unscripted,” we are not that naive. But we do relate to the “Average Joe” status, and we want to root him on. Perhaps we buy into the drama for the moment, but in the end, we also learn lessons for our personal use and lessons about personal battles. Television shows have changed a lot within a few years. 14 percent of the 2009-2010 television shows were reality TV shows and the percent was higher on cable TV. There was a total of 27 hours of reality TV shows scheduled on TV in any given week which was a 50 percent increase from 2007. Reality TV shows are very popular with teens. Hour of the most popular reality TV shows in 2005 had viewer’s younger than17 which made reality TV shows the most popular genre on TV. With the reality TV genre growing and the number of hours spent in front of TV increasing 6 percent each year, teens are more likely to watch reality TV shows (Watson 2008). Reality TV is different than regular TV. It show things that scripted TV cannot
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