The Effect of Recycled Water Irrigation on Young Olive Trees

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The problem of water shortage is one of the major limiting factors in food production and agriculture development in the arid and semi arid regions. Reclaimed water is one of the most significant available water resources that shall be consumed in agriculture and urban landscape maintenance. In order to investigate the impact of water quality and its application method on olive trees this experiment was carried out during 2010-2012 in the semiarid central part of Iran on young olive trees. The trees were irrigated by a new subsurface-leaky irrigation (SLI) system and surface irrigation in line with irrigation with recycle and clean water for 24 months. The results revealed that SLI system could enhance trees growth, leaf area, Fv/Fm and…show more content…
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of wastewater application with subsurface leakage irrigation system on growth, photosynthetic index, and minerals accumulation on the nutritional value on young olive trees. 1- Materials and methods 2-1-site of experiment this research was conducted in the Department of Horticulture, Isfahan university of technology in Isfahan (51° W, 31° N; Altitude 1600 m), Iran, during 2010-2012, on a sandy-clay soil. (pH=7.3, EC=2.34 ds/m). Trees were planted at a spacing of 4.0 m by 4.0 m. The experiment was conducted on young olive trees (Olea europaea L., cv Roghani). The climate of the area is arid with cold winters. Average annual rainfall and average annual maximum temperature are 122.8 mm and 23.4°C, respectively. 2-2-Experimental design and treatments Research was conducted using a split-plot experimental design with two factors, and four replicates. The treatments were irrigation system (subsurface-leaky irrigation (SLI) and surface irrigation (SI)) and water quality (recycled water (RW) and clear water). The trees were irrigated for two years. Irrigation was applied based on crop evapotranspiration (ETc, mm) and monthly 173.4 lit water applied per tree (data not shown). The RW characteristics are shown in Table (1). PVC leaky tube was adopted for SLI system. (Tiny

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