The Effect of Shopping Experience on Cross Cultural Receptiveness in China

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Effect of shopping experience
On cross-cultural receptiveness in Chinese

School of Business, Sun-Yat Sen University, Guangzhou


Nowadays under the trend of globalization, like every other aspect in marketing changed in our life, more and more products are added some cross-culture mixing elements. For example, more Chinese movie have western actors and more Hollywood film conclude traditional Chinese like Panda or feature spots (C. Samuel Craig& William H. Greene& Susan P. Douglas, 2005). To promote customer satisfaction, we need to find out how do customers accept and appreciate these cultural mixing goods or service? And what factors impact on the receptiveness towards them?
Present literatures have addressed
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Our conceptual and empirical analyses have offered deep insights into the following issues:
Participants that just have (vs. do not have) their shopping experiences in various shops(luxury vs. non-luxury; Chinese vs. European) are asked to evaluating on global products including coin–shape pizza and rice-made burger.

Our hypotheses are: Chinese consumers that have the luxury or non-luxury store shopping experiences will influence their receptiveness towards the cultural mixing goods—— coin–shape pizza and rice-made burger.


In this experimental research, we selected four stores to represent four types of shopping environment. Then we randomly ask quantity of customers of exiters and enters them to fill in our questionnaire then we use the data collected to analyze through computer.
Three hundred and sixty-eight (368) Chinese customers completed the questionnaire. The reported sample sizes in this study and all subsequent studies reflect the number of participants who satisfied these preconditions. Since there were no gender differences in this or the subsequent studies, we do not discuss gender further.
Materials, design, and procedure.
Participants completed a four-page product receptiveness questionnaire. We randomly choose an entering customer to be exiter or enter. If he is an enter, we ask he to answer
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