The Effect of Single Parent Families to Children

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BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A family is often pictured by many with two parents. But for some their family composes of only one. Doug Hewitt (2010), an eHow Contributor said that Single-parents families are defined as households in which there is at least one child under the age of 18 and there is only one parent in the household because of divorce, death or because the parent never married. Moreover, Cox (1984) emphasized that the largest percentage of single-parent families result from divorce followed by death of a parent. According to Medina (2005) there are different types of a single-parent family. First is the widow or widower and children which is caused by a death of spouse where the surviving spouse did not
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Divorced families present a greater risk for children with depression or other serious psychiatric disorders to develop. Spencer (1982) said in his book entitled Foundations of Modern Technology that children are more likely to die of coronary heart disease in later years if they had lost one or both parents before entering college. According to Traci S Campbell (2010) education of children can also be affected she said that children that are raised in a single parent household have lower grades than those who are raised in a home with both parents. This can be in a home where the child has always been raised by one parent or in homes where a divorce or separation has recently taken place. Studies also show children raised in a single parent household are less likely to go to college or take steps to continue their education. There are also a higher percentage of drop outs that were raised in a single family home. Time spent with a single parent during the formative preschool years seems to have particularly bad effects on a boy's education, according to Sheila Fitzgerald Krein and Andrea H. Beller of the school of human resources and family studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana.
The report in Demography, the journal of the Population Association of America, said that many studies have focused on the psychological consequences for children in one-parent
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