The Effect of Social Media on Relationships

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The Effect of Social Media on Relationships New communication technologies are changing the lives of everyone around the world, including the way people foster relationships. Yet, from Psychology Today to The New York Times' editorial page, everyone is weighing in on the harmful effects of social media on relationships. Criticisms include the danger of isolation, the loss of social etiquette, and the possibility of being misled by web-based information posted on Internet forums like Facebook. Sam Laird (2012) cites a recent survey indicating that "24% of respondents 存aid they've missed out on enjoying special moments in person because ironically enough they were too busy trying to document their experiences for online sharing." Thus, the critics may have valid points. However, others see social media as beneficial to relationships and a great facilitator. This paper will analyze the effects of social media and show how it may be viewed as both harmful and helpful to today's relationship-building. Diana Adams (2012) identifies the double-edged nature of social media on romantic relationships when she juxtaposes today's generation with the older generation. When social media first began to develop as a way to meet a romantic partner, a social stigma was still attached to it, and persons who did make a connection were "embarrassed" to admit it. All that has changed, however, as "now social media plays a huge role in romantic relationships," and the stigma once attached
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