The Effect of Social Media on the English Language

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Student name: ……………. Student ID: ……………. The Effect of Social Media on the English Language 1 of 8 Table Of Content: Abstract 3 Introduction 3 Literature review 3 Significance of Research 4 Research Question 4 Methodology 4 Ethical Considerations 4 Limitations of the study 4 Expected results 5 Conclusion 5 References 6 Appendix 7 2 of 8 Abstract: Giving the popularity of social networking sites lately, it has made an effect on the English language either in a positive way by adding new words to the dictionary a negative way by misusing the grammar and using incorrect abbreviated words like turning “you’re” to “your’. In this research proposal I would…show more content…
Methodology: In this research I will be making a survey, the participants on this survey are going to be people using these social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter it will be published on a Facebook page that I will be making for this research and I will be creating a twitter account specially for the research as well. Ethical Considerations: The participants will no be in any kind of danger, it will be a simple survey that they will take in the comfort of their own home, it will be a group of people who use these sites regularly, they will be aware that it’s for research purposes and it will be completely anonymous, it will be safe and easy for both parties. Limitations of the study: There is a lack of reliable data on this subject; there are no books that discuss this topic. I think that is because this is a new study matter and not many researchers have looked into it yet. 4 of 8 Expected results: I expect to find out if this phenomenon of social media is both good and bad and that it depends on the person using these sites. I also expect to find some data concerning this issue and if it is more good and beneficial to the English language or not. Conclusion: Nowadays English has changed so much so fast, some of it is good and positive change and some of it is not. The question now is how English is going to be different in 10 years? Will it be like how we
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