The Effect of Solution Concentration on Osmosis

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The Effect of Solution Concentration on Osmosis

The aim of my experiment is to find out the effect of sucrose solution concentration on osmosis in potato cylinders. To do this I will conduct an experiment.


To carry out my experiment, I will place the potato tubes into a solution containing part sucrose and part water. The potato tubes will all be cut out of the potato using a cork borer and will all be cut to the length of 25mm. This will remain constant throughout each experiment. Each of the 5 times I do the experiment, I will increase the concentration of the solution by 0.25 mols/dm³, starting from just water in, going up to 0.25 mols/dm³, 0.50 mols/dm³, 0.75 mols/dm³ and
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When it can't stretch anymore, it is called turgor; this is what makes the plant firm and stand up, which is important because it allows the plant to “stand up” into the sunlight for photosynthesis. The opposite, when the cell membrane shrinks to its limit because of lack of water, is called plasmolysis, which makes the plant wilt.


The apparatus I will use are as follows:

- A test tube.

- A test tube rack.

- A cork borer.

- A knife/scalpel.

- An average sized cooking potato.

- Cutting tile.

- A ruler.

- A stopwatch.

- 6 different water and sucrose solutions – Water, 0.25 mols/dm³, 0.50 mols/dm³, 0.75 mols/dm³ and 1.00 mol/dm³.

- Measuring cylinder.

- Paper towels.


1. I made sure all apparatus is clean and sterile to avoid contamination.

2. I used the cork borer to cut out a cylinder from the potato.

3. I then measured and cut the potato cylinder using the scalpel and the tile, and then made sure it was 25 mm in length.

4. I put the potato cylinder into the test tube

5. I poured the selected concentration of solution into the test tube using the measuring cylinder and labeled this test tube to avoid confusion.

6. I left the potato cylinder in the solution for 60 minutes; measured using the stopwatch.

7. Whilst waiting, I set out 5 paper towels
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