The Effect of Studying Abroad

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The Effect of Studying Abroad As the world has now become a worldwide center, the percentage of students studying abroad has been increasing from year to year due to many possible reasons such as scholarships, financial ability, family immigrations, exchange programs, research programs, job requirements, internships, and so on. Studying abroad has become a direction since many students set their goals in order to get their internationally degrees and visualize their bright future. It is one of the most important factors in everyone’s life. This opinion is dependable as the result of studying abroad could give international students chances to live in a diverse environment, learn new languages, meet new people from different…show more content…
For example, here in the United States, as international students put too much pressure on themselves, American usually shake hands when they meet each other, where some countries in Asia would place both palms together at the different positions depending on who that person is; in Cambodia, it is considered very disrespectful to wear a hat in school; in Vietnam, it is really impolite to play with each other’s head. Furthermore, international students put too much pressure on themselves. They focus too much on their studies, feeling of isolated, living, families, future, and so on. They live in a new environment, so they could get a great opportunity to visit many different places in state or out of state. It is a good way for them to reduce their stress by traveling at the weekend or school break so that they could get a chance to get out of their states or join their schools’ field trip and explore themselves by their surroundings. Moreover, knowledge plays an important role in the society today. As they are the international students, they get a chance to study different majors which are not included in their study programs in their home country. There are many modern facilities such as: good equipment for the labs and better machinery systems for their researches. They have to be sensitive to
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