The Effect of Summer School on Rita in Educating Rita by Willy Russell

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The Effect of Summer School on Rita in Educating Rita by Willy Russell

'Of course; you don't do Blake without doing innocence and experience, do y?'

When Frank explains to Rita that after summer school they will study William Blake, Rita says that she has already studied Blake and implies in such a way that she almost disgraces Frank. Before summer school Rita has only been taught Frank and has only learnt his ideas, when she gains her own confidence she then challenges Frank on his views to do with poetry by telling him about William Blake. This confidence reflects the effect which summer school ultimately had upon Rita.

Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947.
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After going to Summer School Rita herself has changed because before summer school she was just a normal student going to Frank to learn and she felt too ashamed to be outspoken. Now that she has returned she has learnt that she needs to be more confident in herself and she now trusts herself more. Rita feels now that she has been educated and is now able to relate and have meaningful conversations with people.

'I think the first question was about Chekhov; coz y' know I'm dead familiar with Chekhov now'

Rita's confidence has become more obvious because 'dead surprised' has now become 'dead familiar' this shows that Rita has now become a different person.

Before Frank had met Rita he was unhappy with his life he was drinking a lot, bored of lecturing and teaching so he decided he would so some work with the Open University and of course Rita was his first student.

'Can I offer you a drink? ... Scotch'

After Rita has been to Summer School, she treats Frank differently. She has realised that she doesn't just need Frank as a teacher anymore. When Frank knows that Rita has already studied Blake he is quite surprised.

'Blake at summer school? You weren't supposed to do Blake at summer school, were you?

With Rita studying Blake at summer school, this shows us how Frank is losing his control over Rita. She is now determined to study elsewhere not
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