The Effect of Technology on Health

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For the purpose of this paper, Technology is defined as an instrument which allows improved understanding medical care and maintaining humans’ health through better management of their health information. (Msn Encarta, 2008) Many people have a high regard for technology because it is there for humans’ and health technology has a greater benefit.
Technology is linked to medicine over the past 100 years. At the beginning of that decade medicine was a little scientific technology because at that time for the first time X-ray machine was built and by the time other scientists tried to produce and develop technological stuffs (Young, 2000). Throughout the years the technology becomes a major part of health industry because it helps and manages
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One of the major fields in health industry is diagnosing diseases. Many discoveries made in the past in technology filed and led to great advances in health technology especially in diagnosing diseases. The most important diagnostic tool in the medicine is stethoscope, it is an instrument used to detect sounds in the body, such as heart, lungs and stomach. Doctors listen to the auscultation of heart and other organs by an instrument, which is stethoscope, doctors, can hear the sound of opening and closing of valves of heart (Tanser, 2006). The diseases could be identified by this medical technology and could find the severity of diseases and determine extend of the illness.

The second reason is that, treating, and preventing disease. Their aims are to help people live longer, happier, more active lives with less pain and disability. Medical scientists with the new technology are trying to search for new drugs, effective treatments that could help human and make life better, and with more advanced technology. These technologies are for example, cardiac catheterization and radionuclide imaging (Tanser, 2006). These devices are used to treat and prevent

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