The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction

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The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction Aim-We is going to investigate how temperature effects the rate of reaction when we use a Magnesium Ribbon and dissolve it in Hydrochloric Acid. Different Variables-There are four different variables that effect the rate of reaction, surface area, concentration, temperature and catalysts. Here is some information on each variable with diagrams. How does surface area effect rate of reaction? In a substance the rate of reaction will be quicker if it has a large surface area. However, if it has a small surface area the rate of reaction is much slower. Rate of Reaction is much faster if the surface area is larger because much more of the…show more content…
6) The Bunsen burner will be lit using a match, put on the blue flame and placed under the beaker. 7) When the temperature reaches 25°C, on the thermometer (It shouldn't take long as it is around room temperature, anyway), we will take the test tube out of the water and place one of the pieces of Magnesium Ribbon in the Hydrochloric Acid. We will start the stopwatch (a stopwatch gives us very accurate readings when recording time) as soon as the Magnesium Ribbon hits the Hydrochloric Acid. 8) When the Magnesium Ribbon has completely disappeared, we shall stop the stopwatch and record the time it took for the Magnesium Ribbon to disappear. 9) This process will be repeated for 25°C, twice. Then we will do the same experiment for the other temperatures, doing each temperature three times. The plan/method above is a very good way of carrying out the experiment. This is because the rate of reaction is effected by temperature. Using the Bunsen burner makes this plan a good way of carrying out this experiment. As the Hydrochloric acid will be heated using the blue flame, it will heat up faster so the results for each temperature can be obtained quickly. Also using a stopwatch makes the plan a very good way of carrying out the experiment because it is very precise when recording how long it takes for something to happen. List of equipment-Here is a list of equipment that we
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