The Effect of War and Peace on Foreign Aid Essay

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The Effect of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

Dr. Toi Dennis

Elaine Stewart

SOC 300: Sociology of Developing Countries

May 4, 2014

Introduction Afghanistan is a developing country; the country faced many difficulties soon after its independence. They faced difficulties in the development of their constitution and regulations. The selection of a leader was an issue and the first major task was to prepare a military for the defence and protection of the state. In order to resolve all these issues, finances became a priority. Despite having several problems, the country is gradually upgrading. Numerous countries supported Afghanistan in terms of finance, but
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According to an assessment done by authenticating resources for the United States, the country has donated more than forty-two billion dollars as a token of assistance to numerous unprivileged states. They donated wholeheartedly without considering the factor of equality in the distribution criteria. According to the library of U.S. Foreign Aid, Sub Saharan Africa along with forty-nine other poor states, including eighteen unprivileged countries of the world, received only seven billion dollars as financial assistance. Central and South Asia were endowed with more than double that, at fifteen billion dollars. Afghanistan has received the bulk of approximately thirteen billion in aid from which $9.95 billion was allocated to military and security assistance to train and arm Afghan police forces. In 1960, The World Bank realized the needs of Afghanistan, and developed the Aid-to-Afghanistan Consortium, where all the principal providers of money, had a meeting to discuss the assistance and support to be provided for Afghanistan. The meeting of the consortium revealed that the amount the providers supported the country with, was approximately ninety-two percent of the outstanding debt obligation. Considering the debt commitment, the World Bank accounted for approximately twenty-seven percent of the issued debt, and the Asian Development Bank reported an accurate fifteen percent. The World Bank and Asian

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