The Effect of Western Civilization and Culture in Africa

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Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences Volume 1, No. 1 Quarter I V 2010 ISSN 2229 – 5313 THE EFFECTS OF WESTERN CIVILISATION AND CULTURE ON AFRICA Dare Arowolo (Lecturer, Dept. of Political Science & Public Administration, Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria) ABSTRACT The central argument of this paper stems from the submission that colo nialism, slave trade and missionary are the platform upon which Western civilisation and culture thrive and are sustained. While insisting that Western civilisation and culture has precariously contaminated the traditional values o f Africa, the paper contends that Africa had established, well before the advent of colonialism, a pattern of home-grown political systems, governance process and generally…show more content…
A new crop of elites was created, nurtured, and weaned on the altar of violence and colonialism armed with the structures of the modern state to continue to carry out the art and act of subjugation of the mass of the people in the service of colonialism (Mimiko, 2010:641-42). The above assertion was corroborated by Kasongo (2010:314) when he submits that “one could infer tha t when westernisation was imported to African countries, the hidden side of modernism was materialist interests. Civilisation was just another concept of domination: imposition of incoming new culture over traditional cultural values”. It is important to emphasise fundamentally that urgent and more decisive steps need to be taken in order to reorder and reverse this evanescent trend of cultural emptiness, without which Africa may experience seasons of cultural extinction and drought of African values. It is appalling Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences Volume 1, No. 1 Quarter I V 2010 ISSN 2229 – 5313 to note that two hundred years or so of colonisation were not only destructive in terms of cultural heritage and values for which Africa was famous before colonialism but also precariously retrogressive as the continent was robbed of decades of opportunities- opportunities of self-development, opportunities of
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