The Effect of World War One on People at Home Essay

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The Effect of World War One on People at Home

The people at home lives were affected in a wide variety of ways during the First World War. Some people's lives were altered for the good, where as some were altered for the bad.

During the First World War, a lot of people were needed in the army. This meant that volunteers were required by their many hundreds. To influence this, propaganda was used in the forms of pamphlets, posters, newspapers and by word of mouth. The source A1 (i) was a poster used for propaganda to make men volunteer for the army. About 54 million similar posters were created, but this was one of the most famous. It shows Lord Kitchener, who was an upper class member of the
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The volunteering system was not only very inefficient; it was also not a very fair system because you were not forced to join up. So in 1916 the government decided to introduce conscription. A typical government conscription poster is shown in source A4. It states that unmarried men must sign up to the army. Any man who wished not to join up was labelled a conchie, or a conscientious objector. Many of these people had religious beliefs which stated that "thou shall not kill" and so they did not believe in war and killing people. These people helped out other ways. Others thought that the war was only being fought for the Capitalists. These people usually the communists, or the "comrades", or the socialists. Source A5 was written by a conscientious objector who managed to escape from prison in 1916. He says that people should support the troops, if not in person, then in spirits. This man was an absolutist who did not agree to war neither did he want anything to do with it. The government frowned upon these people and threw them into prison because they were scared of the working class uprising.

While the government were dealing with recruiting men, they were also being embarrassed by the shortages of munitions. The newspapers soon let the people know about this scandal, which is a rare example of anti-government stories. In source B2 we are shown Lloyd George "delivering the goods"
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