The Effect of the Company Macro Environment on the Component of the Core Market System in General and in Company Marketing Management in Particular

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The effect of the company macro environment on the component of the core market system in general and in company marketing management in particular

The Marketing Environment
The actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management ability to build and maintain successful relationship with target customers. The environment continues to change rapidly and both customers and marketer’s wonder what the future will bring is called marketing environment.
The entire marketing environment can be classified into 2(two):

Elements of Macro-Environment
Demographic Environment
Demography is the study of human populations in terms of size, destiny, location, age, gender race, occupation and other statistics. The demographic
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Because the taste, choice, habit, communicating process cannot be same of an educated and a non educated person. The some thought is applicable for the people of different working people. Our education rate is increasing on a regular basis. Now people are eager to do industrial job or service more than farming. These changes are very important for marketing strategy.
Geographical Shift in Population
Geographically living of population and the shift of geographical living of population create impact on marketing. For a lot of reason people tend to go to big cities. For this reason peoples’ life style and their demand style are changing. Moreover, producing product for tourist, job seeking people, businessmen is also profitable business. Besides, people are going abroad and coming back to the country and making a change in their demand style which has to be kept in mind to keep pace with the global growing market. In Bangladesh people want to shift in Dhaka rather than other cities. So, market of this mega city is bigger than others.

Impact of Economic Environment
In market not only people but also their buying ability is needed. Because buying ability less market is for nothing. And buying ability rely on peoples’ earning condition, price of a product, savings and debt facilities. At the time of doing marketing strategy one must remember the shift of earning as well as the spending. And by analyzing these one should make their marketing policy. How economic
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