The Effect the Theft of Colonizers Had Phisically and Spiritually on Post-Colonial Authors and Literature

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The most obvious effect is exile and loss of land, although other end results such as the destruction of cultural psyche, loss of language, the issue of nationalism, hybridism and suppression to name a few. I will, however, touch upon exile and loss of land, according to several poets from different areas of the world, as these are the most lingering issues that we see in the political status quo. How were exile and the loss of land projected into the consciousness of post-colonial authors and poets, some of who experienced one or both of these disparities?
I will begin with Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian poet who wrote endlessly about land, exile and migration and displacement through the exiled mind and heart. The Nakba resulted in the loss of Palestine to him but not completely as he is an extension of it and thus there is still hope through his poetry. His exile in 1948 when he was still a child deeply affected his work. Romance and anger…
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