The Effective Impacts Of Diversity And Why Managers Need For Affirmative Action

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Social discrimination has been a vexing issue throughout the world. A huge part of the society is a victim of social discrimination. Conversely, reforms and efforts have been brought up to remove the discriminatory aspect of the society. Still, there is a need for affirmative action. In this globalized world, one only strives to connect and build stronger relationships with one another. Therefore,
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(Kossek & Lobel (Eds.), 1996)

Workforce diversity is categorized as a workforce consisting of a broad mix of workers, including different individual characteristics and racial and ethnic backgrounds. In an organization where workforce is diverse in term of biographical characteristics of age groups, ethnicity, gender and ability, the collaborative force is believed to bring higher profitability and success. (Jung-Erceg, Pandza, Armbruster & Dreher, 2007) This diverse workforce will bring up a team of collaborative excellence and enhanced creativity maximizing the overall organizational performance. The individual characteristics which will bring the collaborative excellence includes age factors; different age groups will work together, combining the perspective of past experience, present scenario and future achievements and providing solutions to achieve excellence, gender; combining the force of women with men will double the performance and reduce time consuming, ethnicity and background differentials will bring different solutions towards critical uncertainties. (Schneider & Northcraft, 1999) Therefore, in order to achieve collaborative excellence and progress, a workforce needs of a diverse workforce. Therefore, industries consider the imperious role of workforce diversity, but unfortunately SMEs in UK presents a different scenario.
Present Situation:

Overall, 60 percent of total small and
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