The Effective Impacts Of Diversity And Why Managers Need For Affirmative Action

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Introduction: 2
Discussion: 2
Present Situation: 2
Need of global implications: 2
Strategic Benefits of Divrse Workforce: 2
Age-diverse Workforce: 2
Gender-Diverse Workforce: 2
Ethnic and Races Based Diversity: 2
Intellectual Abilities: 2
Role of Human Resource Department: 2
Conclusion: 2
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Social discrimination has been a vexing issue throughout the world. A huge part of the society is a victim of social discrimination. Conversely, reforms and efforts have been brought up to remove the discriminatory aspect of the society. Still, there is a need for affirmative action. In this globalized world, one only strives to connect and build stronger relationships with one another. Therefore, discriminatory practices are now considered worst and people are getting their rights. Meanwhile, industries are moving across boundaries where they certainly need to understand the critical importance of diversity and other cultural differences. This report will discuss the effective impacts of diversity and why managers need to understand and implement effective diversity management practices. This report will also discuss the workforce diversity in small and medium enterprise (SMEs) and how far managing diverse environment can increase the overall organizational ability with the combination of skills, abilities and collaborative ideas of a diverse workforce. For managing the workforce diversity, it is also important to understand every minor…
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