The Effective Management Of A Contemporary Organisation

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The effective management of a contemporary organisation is a key aspect for a business to be successful. With an ever-changing environment, come new complications and prospects for organisations to face. However, through the use of knowledge in past experiences, an organisation can be empowered to a more stronger and beneficial management system, thereby improving the organisation as a whole. Initially was the development of classical approaches, involving Scientific management, Administrative principles, and Bureaucratic organisation. Then followed by the development of behavioral approaches to management, focusing on the human element of the workplace. These included the well-known Hawthorn Studies and Maslow’s theory of human needs,…show more content…
303-324). Google meets the physiological, safety and social needs through a comfortable and safe workplace environment, with diverse offices that are designed to encourage interactions between employees and the use of small teams to achieve work in a more efficient manner, as well as job security. Google states that everyone is a “hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions” (Google 2015), creating a sense of belongingness for individuals within the company. Google understood that employees responded to intrinsic motivation and therefore developed the 20 percent policy. “Google’s stated policy splits the work hours…Eighty percent of their time is dedicated to assigned projects…with the remaining 20 percent dedicated to personal research of their own choosing.” (Girad 2009, p. 66). This enables employees esteem needs to be meet as well as impacting on the self-actualisation needs, as employees are more able to use their abilities to their full potential. With this workplace environment, employees are able to fulfill the five levels of Maslow’s theory of human needs.

In a very similar theory by Douglas McGregor,
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