The Effective Management Of Water Quantity Is An Urgent Issue Facing Australia

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Humans demand the need for the worlds freshwater supplies to be cultivated as the global population upsurges. With water being one of the most important natural resources, once flowing freely in abundance, it is beginning to become a highly valued commodity due to overuse, droughts, irrigation and damming and reduced water quality. Water management is the administration of water resourced under thorough policies and regulations that ensure a sustainable supply of water for present and future generations. Australia has the lowest rainfall of all the inhabited continents as well as the least river water, the smallest area of permanent wetlands and freshwater lakes. Coupled with the highest levels of water consumption in the world, it is…show more content…
Collectively, these are fundamental decisions in which we can improve upon the way we utilise water as a resource. Individuals, by implementing these decisions, are addressing the issue of water conservation through the reduction of water use, reducing water pollution and health risks whilst educating themselves about matters that affect their water supplies (Bliss and Paine, 2010). Consequently, individuals have been involved in the decision making process, in order to address the issue of Water management. This is evident through the measures Australian individuals take to ensure sustainability. The effective management of water quantity is an urgent issue facing Australia. Therefore, in response, various groups have been involved in the decision making process addressing the issue. Supplying Sydney with fresh, abundant and high in quality water is a significant geographical issue. A range of organisations have the responsibility for water management and addressing the issues that come along with it. Different groups target different issues such as the quality, quantity, recycling the water, conserving it and educating communities about the issue. Various groups that have been involved in the decision making process include The Australian Water Association, Water Group, Every Drop Counts Business Program and The water management (WM) chair group. The

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