The Effective Use Of Social Media

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Social media became more prominent in business world along the growth of social media. The study of the usage of social media in fortune 500 1and Inc. 5002 shows that large number of companies is very familiar to social media and adopts them to run their business (Barnes, 2010). Several kinds of social media are around nowadays, however, not all of them are effective in business. Although the adoption rate of social media is growing year by year, some kind of social media are declining such as Podcasting, message board, and blogging. The reasons why those social media are declining can be found in the difference of method of connecting people and perception between customer and companies. A company has to use right social media in…show more content…
Figure 1. Which of the following types of social media does your company currently use? (Barnes & Lescault, Social Media in the 2009 Inc. 500: New Tools and New Trends, 2009)
Benefit from Social media
In the first place, what type of company dose use social media? Even though social media is prominent in business nowadays, it is not for all business. For example, if a company in niche market has business with only a few customers, a direct communication or advertising is more efficient and effective rather than using social media. Furthermore, using social media has some risks too, such as illegal act or the abuse of social media by employees. Thus a company has to ensure the environment is managed in accordance with use of social media.
Social media will bring an enormous profit to a company once the right social media is used in the right way and right place. There are four benefits of using social media,
Low cost and higher spread rate of information
Raising brand awareness
Tool for communication with costumers
If a company want to build its own website or email newsletter system, it will cost a lot and it is not affordable for small businesses. On the other hand, by using Facebook, a company can have its own page for free and broadcast information to everyone regardless of age or country at anytime. In the case of web page or email newsletter, a consumer has to know the brand first and visit website or subscribe email,
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