The Effectiveness Of Extra Curricular Activities On Access And Choice

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The Effectiveness of Extra-curricular Activities on Access and Choice Charminta Brown Florida International University The process of choosing a suitable college varies among many. The ability to attend college is still seen as a luxury to most people today. People from all around the world compete for the opportunity to be accepted into the colleges and universities of their choice. However, some people are unable to attend their higher education institution of choice due to various reasons such as financial barriers, academic barriers, and family support. Therefore, choosing the institution that fits best in all aspects is important. When applying to higher education institutions, it is important for prospective college students to exemplify themselves by demonstrating the best of their abilities both academically and socially. There are methods prospective students can use to help better their chances of admission to their colleges of choice. For instance, prospective college students participating in extra-curricular activities have a better chance of attaining college admission than those who do not. Extra-curricular activities can be characterized by many definitions. According to Wilson (2009), extra-curricular activities can be defined as “organized student activities connected with school and usually carrying no academic credit” (p. 9). Participating in extra-curricular activities in schools may consist of sport teams, clubs, and
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