The Effectiveness Of Hospice Care

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The Effectiveness of Hospice Care for Delirium Patients Cierra J. Williams AHS 128 Midland Technical College Abstract The limitation of hospice care is focused on the idea of providing delirium patients and their families with a peaceful encounter of an acceptable death. Moral experience encompasses a person’s sense that values that he or she deems important are being realized or thwarted in everyday life. This includes a person’s interpretations of a lived encounter, or a set of lived encounters, that fall on spectrums of right-wrong, good-bad or just-unjust. (p. 659) Delirium is highly widespread in terminally ill patients and that cause distress on the patient with delirium and their families. The role of hospice care at the…show more content…
K., Brajtman, S., Cragg, B., & Macdonald, M. E. p.962). Family members have described emotions of fear, shame, and guilt concerning their loved ones delirious behavior, wells as the ways they themselves responded to them during difficult relational encounters. Helping the family realizes that their family member is suffering with delirium. That is why they acting in disturbing way, and was suffering from an illness and they are not them normal selves. The final days of a loved one’s life are painful and hard for many. Having hospice caregivers present relax the family because they know their loved one would be taken care of. Hospice care for a patient with delirium is very challenging. The main concern is to provide a healthy familiar atmosphere for the patient. Creating positive and peaceful images that would be remembered by the family was a source of pride amongst hospice caregivers. Hospice caregivers help the patient and the patient’s family comes to terms with death. Death is a natural thing that should not be feared. Death happens through a series of changes for instance cognition and consciousness. But that is better said then understood. Death is a normal part of life but it is often hard to grasp, especially when it is a loved one that is dying. Really we lose our loved ones in stages. Death is a series of little goodbyes. There’s a goodbye to your mobility. There’s a goodbye to everything, to wanting to eat, a goodbye to drinking. And then
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