The Effectiveness Of Online Language Learning

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The Effectiveness of Online Language Learning: One Student 's Personal Perspective The traditional classroom is quickly becoming obsolete as teachers struggle to keep up with the competition of technology. Educators are expected to bring and use innovative ideas to the classroom so that students are more engaged and prepared to succeed in the 21st century. With the advancement of technology, rural school districts can easily access subjects and courses that are not readily available at their districts due to lack of adequate funds to hire a full time teacher and then in turn offer these classes to their students for graduation requirements. One credit that is a must for all high school graduates is two foreign language credits. This might…show more content…
He didn 't mind his grandparents laughing at his mispronunciations because he felt it moved him towards his goal of acquiring the language and becoming a better Spanish speaker. To acquire a second language, the learner should take an active approach when speaking the language causing the learning process to become less difficult with assistance from people who already know the language (79). In language acquisition, it is imperative that the learner be exposed not only to auditory examples of the language but also visual examples. Providing ample interaction with native speakers of the language to be acquired ensures correct syntactic and semantic use of the language. "Language learning must always be regarded as a social process. That is, individuals learn both content and language as they engage with others in a variety of settings to accomplish specific purposes" (73). However, because of technology, the classroom is quickly changing to meet the demands of the students. It is moving "from teacher-centered approaches towards a personalized, small-group oriented, multi-dimensional model of teaching" (Sun 18). Because of this, the "roles and relationships of teachers and students have undergone changes compared to those in traditional face-to-face settings" (19). So what does this new classroom look like? Joshua enters a classroom that is filled with computers, sits down, puts a head set
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