The Effectiveness Of Operation Artemis

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This essay aims to scrutinate the effectiveness of Operation Artemis which is an European peacekeeping mission in the Democratic republic of Congo. The civil war in this middle region of Africa, which occurred after the Iraq war, saw the situation spiralling out of hands with the futile efforts by other international peacekeeping forces. Then the European Union decided to step in and curb the crisis. ’Operation Artemis’ was the very first peacekeeping force led by the EU, which tried to bring order in the Ituri region of Congo (DRC) for three months. The first part of the essay would pitch into the mission itself. Firstly a brief background will be presented which will help shed light on the background of the region and the challenged that the UN Security Council faced to label ‘operation Artemis’. This essay will investigate the reason behind EU’s acceptance of this mission. The activities pertaining to this mandate will be discussed thereafter. This will be followed by the military and diplomatic aspects of the operation. In the second part, the commission will be evaluated based on individual attributes followed by a thorough assessment of its efficiency. This essay would try to ascertain weather the European is a capable international actor after the evaluation keeping in mind the incidents in the Iraq war. Finally the essay concludes that the EU has the efficacy to fortuitously execute mandates, if the member states of the EU mutually agree upon their foreign policy.
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