The Effectiveness Of Virtual Media

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The Effectiveness of Virtual Media In the world of learning nowadays, there are many ways to acquire knowledge other than schools and teachers. Learning an instrument can take place beyond the traditional classroom setting. As technology improves over the years, learning can take place not only in a teacher to students setting but also from a vast amount of resources on the internet and digital media. During the course of ten weeks, I used various online resources to learn how to play the piano by learning how to play three different songs. So far, I have successfully learned all three songs by watching YouTube videos and exploring piano instruction websites. During the learning process I have encountered different challenges; some I was able to referring to by watching more YouTube videos, but the more difficult ones required me to ask my friend who is an expert in piano. Overall, online resource like YouTube and other digital media are excellence resources for beginners to master basic skills; however, a more sophisticated instruction is needed for an advanced level of learning such as learning the sheet music. Based on my own experience of learning music, I would agree with Miller that using online resources is not as efficient as classroom learnings which have a more accessible, immediate, and direct guidance from the instructors. Online resources are helpful learning tools for beginners like me. With the online instructions, I was able to learn the basics of the
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