The Effectiveness Of Virtual Media

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The Effectiveness of Virtual Media In the world of learning nowadays, there are many ways to acquire knowledge other than schools and teachers. Learning an instrument can take place beyond the traditional classroom setting. As technology improves over the years, learning can take place not only in a teacher to students setting but also from a vast amount of resources on the internet and digital media. During the course of ten weeks, I used various online resources to learn how to play the piano by learning how to play three different songs. So far, I have successfully learned all three songs by watching YouTube videos and exploring piano instruction websites. During the learning process I have encountered different challenges; some I was…show more content…
By practicing easy piano songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” and “O Christmas Tree”, I became much familiarized with the position of each key and comfortable with pressing the keys without lifting my whole hand. Needless to say, I would not be able to figure out how the piano works if I did not receive any kind of instruction. The first thing I did was to search for YouTube videos because it is an excellent choice to learn almost anything, not just instruments. YouTube not only teaches the viewers by demonstrating on how to complete a particular task, but also uses videos to help the viewers visualize what is going on. There was a variety of piano videos that were made specifically for beginners like me. There was also variation between each videos depending on who the instructor was and in which angle it was shot. Generally, I chose the videos that contained a well experienced instructor instead of an amateur, and a good camera angle that clearly showed all the piano keys. After this learning experience, I am confident that I am no longer a beginner. Although instructions from the videos were easy to follow, there were still some challenges that I encountered during my practices that could not be solved by the internet resources entirely. Having questions meant that I would have to comment on the video and wait for an answer or look for a new video in order to find solution. Either method is not
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