The Effectiveness of Community-Based Corrections Program

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Correction is believed by many experts to be the most challenging and frustrating component of criminal justice. There are the challenges of managing the inmates daily as well as the frustrations of inevitable mismanagement at attempting to accomplish multiple goals. New challenges present themselves every day. In a very real sense, employees in a correctional system are doing time the same as the inmates are doing time. It's easy to conduct a trial and sentence somebody; what's difficult is what to do with them after they're sentenced. Everything in corrections is done on a large scale because there is an endless stream of prisoners.
In the Philippines, the government is
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It has two main types namely the institutional correction and the non-institutional correction where both have the main goal: to rehabilitate and reform the offenders. Corrections agencies are either institutional (jails and prisons) or community-based (probation, parole, electronic monitoring, and so on). We recognize the importance of keeping offenders who are dangerous to the public or who have committed violent crimes so heinous that incarceration is a deserved punishment. However, the vast majority of offenders who commit crime should not go to jail or prison because the crime does not warrant imprisonment. Judges and prosecutors need a variety of punishments from which to choose, and community corrections offer them a variety of sentencing options. The United States currently has the largest number of alternative community-based programs of any nation in the world (Locke, 1998). The role of prisons or correctional systems (as the vast array of prison or prison-related facilities, programs, and services are called) is to make society a safer place. Prisons are based on the idea that some people are so naturally evil that they must be cut off from the rest of society and closely monitored. In theory, however, they should be based on some type of
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