The Effectiveness of DNA Profiling in Forensics Essay

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Forensics has been greatly enhanced by technology. DNA profiling is one of the technologies that has influenced efficiency and credibility of forensic evidence. The FBI first started using DNA in one of its cases in 1988. In Europe, the United Kingdom opened a DNA database in 1955 (Milena, 2006). The main use of the DNA is to compare the evidence collected at crime scene with the suspects. In addition, it helps to establish a connection between the evidence and the criminals. The investigations have been simplified through the use of technology and DNA has been one of the most effective methods in investigations.
The use of DNA databases has been to improve the authenticity of the evidence through matching scene evidence with suspects’
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The three strike law has been adopted by many other states across the United States and for this reason there have been reduced repeat offences.
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The application of technology in forensics has been one of the major developments in forensics. This is because the technology has enhanced the quality of evidence collected trough increased credibility and reliability. The DNA databases have for example enhanced the manner in which investigators connect crimes with perpetrators. In addition, the database has made it easier to develop a connection between repeat offenders in the application of the three strike law. Since identifying repeat offenders requires connecting crimes with suspects, the databases improve the connection.
DNA databases as well as the application of three strike law have made the justice system to become reliable in implementation of its mandates of fairness. In addition, there has been a significant reduction in criminal offences since offenders are aware of the effectiveness of investigations. The databases have therefore ensured fairness and justice prevail. The book by Zimring, Kamin and Gordon (2003) explains on the effects of there strike law in California. It illustrates how the use of three strike law effectively eliminates criminal activities especially from repeat offenders. Gabriel, Huffine, Ryan, Holland, and Parsons (2001) have also developed research on how DNA has influenced forensic

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