The Effectiveness of Employee's Selection Process

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TITLE: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EMPLOYEES’S SELECTION PROCESS AT REGISTRAR OFFICE, UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA, SINTOK, KEDAH. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Background of the study Selection can be conceptualized in terms of either choosing the fit candidates, or rejecting the unfit candidates, or a combination both. So, selection process assumes rightly that, there is more number of candidates than the number of candidates actually selected, where the candidates are made available through recruitment process (Prasad, 2005, p.242). Selection is the process of identifying the need for a job, defining the requirements of the position and the job holder, advertising the…show more content…
It also leads in saving time and money in this process. In most organizations, selection is an on-going process. Selection is the process of choosing individuals who have the indeed qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. Without qualified employees, an organization is less likely to succeed (Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson, 2006). However, selection is defined as the process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify and hire those with a greater likelihood of success in a job. Selection is a long process, commencing from the preliminary interview of the applicants and ending with the contract of employment. Employee selection is important as it is the process of recruiting and hiring employees who have the necessary qualifications to perform the jobs in an organization. Selecting the right employee is hampered in many situations by the available applicant pool (applicants available with the necessary skills) or a geographical location (the company is located in a remote area). Therefore, some companies take these things into consideration when recruiting efforts are initiated and selecting the best in class applicant may be the company's biggest challenge. 2. Statement of the problem Problems faced by the UUM when the weaknesses of the
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