The Effectiveness of Prison Education Rehabilitation Essay example

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Education is not a fix all by any means, but it is the best start to solving the large literacy rates of US prisons. Of course, it will require much hard work on the part of the prisoner getting out, and there may be a large percentage who do not desire to take advantage of such programs, but Americans should encourage and give these individuals tools to help them back into society. Pont sums it up best, “Our aim should be to propel offenders into, rather than away from, successful participation in the labor force” (23). Stimulation of involvement in the work force will encourage offenders of the law to stay out of trouble rather than to take the revolving door that always leads back to the same place.
Perhaps the most important factor to consider when measuring the effectiveness of prison Education Rehabilitation is the recidivism rate. In his book, The Treatment of Criminal Offenders, Michael Dow Burkhead writes, “Understanding recidivism is important for our purposes because the effectiveness of treatment is usually determined by measuring and comparing recidivism rates” (13). Recidivism rates are a good indication of how effective prison treatment and rehabilitation programs are by giving accurate data as to whether or not an ex-con has returned to prison. According to Monica Frolander-Ulf and Michael F. Yates, “Recidivism rates are very high in the United States, ranging from 41 percent to 60 percent, depending on whether we are talking about the re-arrest rate…