The Effectiveness of Sanctions Essay

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Throughout the past century the world has seen two world wars, several dozen border conflicts, and civil uprisings with the eventual ousting of a leader. These conflicts are usually outside of media attention so all of the lives lost, corrupt leadership, and downright dishonesty is never revealed to the international public. Physical violence has always been the direct means to solving most of these conflicts but with a cost. Both side usually lost hundreds and sometimes thousands of lives and in the end there was never a plan in place to ensure these problems never occurred again. Following the completion of the Cold War sanctions have been reestablished to ensure a government or country can be held accountable without having to use …show more content…
There are several different types of sanctions that can be utilized to force compliance starting with the most lenient to the most severe. The first type of sanction is the diplomatic. During this process the government loses its diplomatic ties to its host country which may includes the closing of its embassy. After this process has been completed those persons are asked to live the country. Another type of sanction is the economic sanctions. This is more severe on a country’s economy because financial assets can be frozen and the ability to import or export goods is lost. Arms embargo limits the ability of a country to procure weapons which will ensure these weapons aren’t used against innocent civilians or aggression against bordering nations. The worst and last method would be the use of military sanctions. This specific sanction is utilized once all other methods of compliance have failed and the government in question continues to defy the rights of its civilian population. North Korea is a perfect example of how economic sanctions have not been productive and has caused more problems for the populous without causing a change to the government’s negative actions. Instead of utilizing the countries resources to feed the people, the North Korean government uses all of its financial resources to maintain and continue to
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