The Effectiveness of Social Studies Solutions

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Effectiveness of the Social Studies Solutions at Harnett Central High School
Jerry L. Sarchet, Jr.
Education 622: Research
April 24, 2007
Overwhelming evidence in numerous studies demonstrated the value of student performance linked with their ability to take and review notes. Teachers have sought the best way to provide notes for student. In 2006, Harnett County Schools adopted an alternative approach to note taking and instructional delivery called the Social Studies Solutions. It was found that the Social Studies Solutions enhanced the Civics and Economics End of Course Test results by implanting the new instructional delivery and method of note taking for students.
In the game of high stakes
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His rationale was to make the subject less intimidating, more interesting, and less work the students. In return, he thought students would pay attention more in class and participate more if they knew they did not have to copy pages and pages of notes. Additionally, a page of notes a day would be an easy pacing guide for his classes. The following school year, his test scores rose dramatically. One of his peers told him that he ought to patent his idea and copyright his notebook. He did so and sought to market his product. Soon, Catawba County Schools adopted his program and saw a rise in EOC Scores. In the Spring Semester 2006, the Social Studies Chairperson at Western Harnett High School received a new student from Maiden High School in her United States History Course. The teacher noticed the notebook in which the student took notes and inquired about the notebook. The student told the teacher about Mr. Adams’s program at Maiden High School. The teacher then contacted Mr. Adams personally and requested more information. Mr. Adams offered to come to Harnett County to give a presentation about his product. Mr. Adams conducted a meeting with the Director 9-12 Education for Harnett County Schools and all Social Studies Teachers in the district in the Spring Semester 2006 where he introduced the Social Studies Solutions program. After the meeting, a survey was sent to all teachers in the county if they
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