The Effectiveness of The Mitchell College of Business Learning Resource Center

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Resource centers provide information that concentrate on one particular subject or area. With each resource center having its own focus, the guidelines to a distinguished resource center can remain the same but the focus being different. Business resource centers have a list of guidelines to what makes one effective which can include space, affordability, counseling and education. The Mitchell College of Business Learning Resource Center can be seen as effective with its view in these four areas. To illustrate the Mitchell College of Business Learning Resource Center’s effectiveness, one has to first look at the space accommodation. The Learning Resource Center can be divided into seven different sections. These sections are the reading…show more content…
The counseling services provided through the librarians and the group studies with other students helps to bring stability when searching for pertinent information in certain areas. Other business research centers tend to have these same services, some on much larger scales when dealing with vast amounts of information in different field studies and focuses in business. The benefit of the Learning Research Center is that it is a part of a college which helps the students focus on a specific study through their classes and help with the education part of the Learning Resource Center. For instance, having information is a key to learning but without the knowledge to use that information it is useless. Classes with a study into a specific field help to disperse information into different groups of studies helping to alleviate trivial information determined by that specific field. In other words, studying one field in business can help to address what information is needed when researching and what information is not needed. The Mitchell College of Business and the Learning Research Center work hand in hand to accomplish this understanding. Some business research centers might lack this but have other substitutions for this service or might have a much bigger operation in terms of classes but this is another feature that affects the affordability. In the end, when doing a full evaluation based off the four different criteria to make a business research center
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